Power of Feminist Art



How does the contemporary women’s movement, begun in the 1960s and ‘70s, continue to affect the world today in spite of claims that we are post-feminist? What are the major themes of feminist art and how do they intersect with ethics, politics and strategies of art-making? What role does the history of art, art criticism and philosophical aesthetics play in the creation, interpretation and appreciation of feminist art?  We will address questions of power, difference and inequality and will explore issues of race, gender, sexuality, class, abilities and disabilities, religion, privilege and oppression. 

Studio assignments, presentations and discussions will examine the connections among feminist philosophy, art activism and feminist art in the U.S.  We will explore how graphic arts and feminist cultural production can be mobilized to create change via street intervention, billboards, printed matter, public projection, web activism and poster-making. 

Best Illustration. Graphic Arts Annual Award. Print, Paper, and Graphic Arts Area. SMFA at Tufts University. 2017