Digital art making in the 21st century



An understanding of how mass media functions is necessary in order to enact meaningful social change. The media representation of a drowned Syrian boy and refugees; the Black Lives Matter activists; The US military recruiting from gaming industries for Iraq and Gulf Wars; The previous US presidential elections; reality TV, etc. These images shape both our public policy and private lives. Additionally, between TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet, mobile phones, billboards and LED displays, we see between 250 to 3000 ads per day. These are just a few stories that indicate how text has expanded from the merely literary to all forms of cultural production, and how mass media has come to be a powerful means of expressing culture, which ‘frames’ our everyday life.

Through readings, presentations, group discussions and studio work we will look critically at the media culture. We will examine texts from Shanti Kumar, Erving Goffman, Jackson Katz, John Berger, Naomi Klein, Jean Kilbourne, Guy Debord, Adbusters, The Onion, fashion magazines, and activist art. These readings will create the structure for studio work as well as challenging commercial methods by producing work about our vernacular culture. This course is designed as an introduction to digital art-making techniques and skills.

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