Stories may not actually breathe, but they can animate human life; that is their work. Narratives work with people, for people, and always on people, affecting what people believe to be possible, worth doing, or best avoided. What are the particular qualities that allow a narrative to affect us, why do some narratives transcend time and live on for centuries? 

In this course, students will learn about the history, traditions, and different types of narratives (linear, non-linear, etc.) Moreover, by examining various narrative techniques, students will learn how to develop an engaging narrative while developing multiple sequential projects: Projects will include photography, drawing, animation and video. The goal is to develop storytelling skills as well as understanding the components, terminology and structure of story from lingual to visual and sequential forms. Weekly assignments will challenge students to use their writing, drawing, photography, and video skills in engaging stories with an emphasis on personal and political narratives.

Excerpts from One of the Guys' graphic novel

Excerpts from OLELUMP LIVES comic 

Excerpts from a storyboarding project

Excerpts from a storyboarding project